Welcome to Jake Abel Online, your source for everything Jake Abel! Jake is known for his role as Luke Castellan in the Percy Jackson series and his role as Ian O'Shea in the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's The Host. Jake is co-starring in the upcoming World War II drama Ghosts Of The Pacific as Gene Aldrich as well as co-starring in the Beach Boys biopic Love & Mercy as Mike Love. We're here to bring you all the latest news!
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“Ghosts of the Pacific recounts the incredible journey of pilot Harold Dixon (Dillahunt), bombardier Tony Pastula (Felton), and radioman Gene Aldrich (Abel) – virtual strangers assigned to a scouting mission on January 16, 1942. When they are forced to ditch their plane, the men are left with no food, water, or supplies; only a 4×8-foot yellow life raft to keep them afloat on a dangerous ocean.”

JustJared Jr.

We’re getting excited about this movie, how about you?

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For those of you who haven’t purchased Jake and Allie Wood’s auditory love child (Jake’s words) yet, you can now also find the album and separate songs on CDBaby and on iTunes! In addition, Black Magic is also still available on Bandcamp.

Get it while it’s hot!

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Wow, we’ve been around for four years today! In order to celebrate that, we thought we’d start of year five with a brand new gorgeous lay-out, once more courtesy of the talented Jessica from Night Blooming Designs, who also designed our previous lay-out and our current gallery lay-out!

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Last night, Jake and Allie Wood attended the In Secret premiere in support of Tom Felton (Jake’s co-star in Ghosts of the Pacific). Photo credit: Allie’s Instagram. (Scroll down for new picture)

EDIT: Gallery update!
EDIT 2: Thanks to Lilian from Mia Wasikowska, we’ve updated the gallery with a HQ picture of Jake and Allie. The third picture is the new one!

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Appearances > 2014 > In Secret Premiere

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Jake is set to act in the Andrew Niccol (who also directed The Host) movie Good Kill, which stars January Jones, Ethan Hawke, Bruce Greenwood and Zoe Kravitz. Ethan Hawke will be playing a pilot who fights the Taliban by remote control for 12 hours a day and then goes home to fued with his wife, played by January Jones, and kids for the other 12. He starts to question his mission, asking himself if he is creating more terrorists than he is killing in a war seemingly without end. Jake will be playing a member of his crew. The movie is set to shoot at the end of February and through March in New Mexico. Niccol also wrote the script.

More information: Deadline.com.